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Tradition has it that the four-leaf clover is a symbol of good fortune, with each leaf representing the virtues of faith, hope, love and luck. This charm provides the inspiration for D’Clover Residences. Named after a thriving plant, the development is surrounded by lush greenery – both man-made and nature-made.

DClover Retail Boulevard
D Clover Podium Entrance Parlour

D’Clover Residece is the Phase 5 project in the 65 acre new township mixed development at Central Park Damansara.

This project is perfectly fits for a family would love to have a large build up unit in PJ area. The unit layout size is between 1210 sqft and 1440 sqft which is come with 4 or 4+1 bedrooms. Each unit also come with balcony or without balcony choices.

D’Clover is located next to 10 acre park which is managed by the Exsim Group.

D’Clover  Residence in D’Clover can enjoy the condo facilities as well as public park facilities at their convenience.

This project is offering 2 to 4 parking bays which is suitable for family that required more parking bay.

D’Clover also offer options for elderly friendly design. At D’Clover there are few views available to choose from either Park View, Hill View and the City/Facilities view.

The most interesting is the D’Clover offering the attractive pricing and package for a luxury living in Petaling Jaya area.

Come to explore more exciting benefit and exciting promotion for this project.


It has all the up-to-date facilities and top-notch activities. It’s the perfect getaway for you and your family without having to leave your home.

It’s the ideal investment you can currently make whether you’re a local, an expatriate, single or married with a family.

The D'Clover Facilities Plan


  1. Grand Entrance
  2. Retail Boulevard
  3. Retail Drop-off
  4. Clover Plaza


  1. All-purpose Hall
  2. Mythical Fun Ground
  3. Workout Station
  4. Shallow Pool
  5. Aqua Pool
  6. Floating Gazebo
  7. Wavy Pool
  8. Shady Bench
  9. Laze Deck
  10. Chilling Aqua Bed
  11. Clover Corner
  12. Residential Drop-off
  13. Coworking Lounge
  14. Entrance Parlour
  15. Broadway Lounge
  16. Leisure Lounge


  1. Panoramic BBQ Corner
  2. Edible Garden
  3. Bird’s-eye Pavilion
  4. Horizon Fitness Corner
  5. Sky Deck

The D'Clover Floor Plan

A space for community and connections or for solitude and serenity; for hanging out or working out; for staying in and for going out; for getting in touch with the outdoors or all the enjoyment of city life. This is your canvas – a home with the spatial capacity, design intelligence and experiential vision to bring dreams to life.

Sizeable units ranging from 1,210 to 1,440 square feet provide ample space to express individuality and creativity. With flexible, hackable walls, the original four bedrooms layouts can be easily adapted to cater to different needs. In addition, ramps at the foyer and bathroom (available in elderly-friendly unit types) accommodate the requirements of elderly and special needs living.

Layout Plan


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    D’Clover – Type A (3+1R 2B – 1210 sqft)

    D’Clover – Type B (4+1R 3B- 1421 sqft)

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